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It’s great you are thinking about getting married in one of our churches.

We would be delighted to marry you and want to help you celebrate your love for one another.

You can get married in one of the churches in the benefice whatever your beliefs or whether you go to church or not. There are some legal requirements that need to be satisfied but we will explain what they are and help you to meet them, wherever we can.

  • Where will the wedding be held?

    You can get married in the churches in Winslow, Great Horwood or Addington. Each of our churches can host different numbers of people and all three offer something a little bit different, allowing you to make the best choice for your circumstances.

    In general weddings take place between 11am and 3pm. 

    We would be happy to discuss each one with you and arrange for you to see them.

  • Getting ready for a wedding

    We have three priests in the team who conduct weddings. One of them will contact you to arrange a meeting to get to know you and discuss your wedding. We see your wedding as the first day of your married life, so we will also look to help you think about marriage more generally.

    We like to start meeting with you about 4-6 months before the wedding day but it’s always sensible to call us as soon as you have decided on a date so we can check the church is free.

  • Flowers, bells and singing

    We can chat about whether you would like bells to be rung, the church to be decorated with flowers, and, if you are getting married at St Laurence, whether you would like the choir to sing on the day. 

  • Finding out more about getting married in church

    Click here to find out more about getting married.

    It’s a great place to start you thinking but we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • I am interested in a wedding, who should I contact?

    Click on the button below to send an email to the rector, or give the rectory a call on 01296 712 564.

    Contact the Rector
    To find out more about getting married