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We could do with a saviour

Mar 18, 2022

Last week, I saw the new movie ‘The Batman’ at the cinema. I enjoyed it but it was so long that, as we left, I asked my wife whether it was still the same day as it was when we took our seats. The film is really dark; the city in which the Batman lives is bedevilled by crime, corruption and endless rain. The people of Gotham need a saviour and Batman spends much of the film asking himself whether he’s that person.


As we look around the world today, it feels like it could do with a saviour too. As Christians, we believe our saviour, Jesus Christ, has already saved humanity. However, we also see that the promise of God’s justice and peace has not yet been fully realised. 


None of us can be the saviour of the world (thankfully, that post has been fulfilled and not by someone wearing a superhero costume) but we can follow our Saviour’s example. We can bring healing, be peace makers and show love for one another in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. 


The Batman decides at the end of the film that he can make a difference. He can bring hope and light to his city. The question that Batman asked himself is not really very different to that which God asks us: are we willing to bring hope and light into our corner of the world? I firmly believe that each of us, with God’s help, can make that difference too.

- Revd Didier



Monday, 21 March – Luke 4.24-30

Tuesday, 22 March - Matthew 18.21-end

Wednesday, 23 March - Matthew 5.17-19

Thursday, 24 March - Luke 11.14-23

Friday, 25 March – Feast of the Annunciation - Luke 1.26-38

Saturday, 26 March - Luke 18.9-14