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by becoming a Friend of St Laurence Church

Serving the community of Winslow

St Laurence Church is at the very centre of Winslow, both physically and at the very heart of the community.

St Laurence Church was established in the 12th century by the then St Alban Abbey to serve the people of Winslow and surrounding villages.

It is dedicated to St Laurence who was a deacon of the early church and a martyr.

Laurence famously distributed the church's wealth in the community, gathered the poor and said to the Roman officials: 'these, the poor, are the treasures of the church.'

He was put to death because he refused to bow to the imperial powers.

We continue to be inspired by the life and death of Laurence. As a church we exist to worship, serve, and help shape our community. It is clear that in future the need for an active and outward-looking church will only grow. But to meet this need we need your help 

One way you can help is by becoming a Friend of St Laurence Church

Why we need the Friends of St Laurence Church

We need to pay our basic costs, clergy wages, lighting, heating, maintenance, etc. to continue to exist let alone expand our mission in the community. This amounts to around £7,500 per month. We receive no subsidy from the central church, and our work in and for the community cannot function on the contributions of regular churchgoers alone. So we need the help of the people of Winslow who wish to support the church, even though they may attend church infrequently or not at all. 

This is what the Friends of St Laurence Church is for  

We are an informal association of people who would like to help the church sustain and build on its vision to be a church that serves the people of Winslow and helps shape the community spirit that is so valuable to the town.

Become a Friend of
St Laurence Church

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How we serve your community

We provide moral and spiritual sustenance in our regular services, which we have expanded massively online to reach a wider and more diverse audience. 

We are there to mark life events, such as weddings, christenings and baptisms.

Community events such as Christmas, Remembrance Sunday and Easter.

And we support the bereaved before, at and after funerals (43 in 2020 alone).

St Laurence Food Cupboard

We played a leading role in setting up and operating the St Laurence Food Cupboard, which, with the help of a wide range of individuals and organisations, supports those in Winslow who are in dire need.

Two Food Cupboard volunteers wear masks as they pack shopping bags
Piles of tinned food

St Laurence Shop

We set up and run the St Laurence Charity Shop which not only provides a service to the community but also supports local charities, such as the Florence Nightingale Hospice and St Mark’s Meals (providing meals to children in need).

Become a Friend of
St Laurence Church

Just fill out the form to start.

“Over the past five years since I became head teacher of Winslow Church of England School, this relationship has flourished, demonstrated in weekly collective worship in school and regular pupil visits to St Laurence Church for year group assemblies. A number of our governors attend St Laurence’s and I am incredibly appreciative of their support, both personally and for the staff and pupils of the school.

"But more than that, our wider school family has been blessed by a deep expression of care shown by the whole church community. Many have benefited as a result of the generosity of the St Laurence Food Cupboard.

Increasingly, we are working together, seeking to make a difference to the lives of those within our circles of influence. Long may it continue!”

Cazz Colmer 

Winslow Combined School

“I always appreciate working with the clergy and wider team at St. Laurence. Helping and supporting people before, at and after, at their time of loss requires sensitivity and attention to detail, but above all it requires compassion and empathy. 

"St Laurence Church hosts a large number of funerals and thanksgiving services every year and they do it well. I never have any hesitation in recommending a church funeral when asked for my thoughts. The help and support the church has been able to offer during the pandemic has been extraordinary. I would definitely say our relationship is not just professional but one of friendship. The church is, without doubt, deeply committed to the community it serves.”

David Lloyd

Heritage - CPJ Fields Funeral Directors

"Without the support from the St Laurence Food Cupboard, I would not have eaten over Christmas. With the pandemic shutting down my new business and not being eligible for financial support, I was having to sell my possessions to pay for food. 

"The Food Cupboard provided vital support for me and me and my family could eat."

Grateful Patron

Winslow Food Cupboard

"Jo's basically got the whole community involved - all the civic groups, all sorts of people have contributed and then loads of private individuals.

"I'm literally convinced her work has saved lives.

"I'm absolutely convinced that, without everything she's done some, people would be in a very, very dark place."

Reverend Andrew Lightbown

Full story here

Become a Friend of
St Laurence Church

Just fill out the form to start.

With your support and friendship, we can make sure
St Laurence Church not only survives but thrives at the very heart of our community

As a Friend you will:

  • Play a part in helping serve the community
  • Help the church sustain and thrive
  • Make a real, significant difference to others at their point of need
  • Help the church support our schools, nursing homes and community projects

As a Friend we will:

  • Communicate regularly - it's good to talk
  • Send you a regular newsletter
  • Invite you to special, social and informative, events
  • Be there for you at your point of need; in times of sadness and in times of gladness

You will NOT

Be expected to attend church services (although you will, of course be most welcome!).

How do I become a Friend

Just fill in the form above and then we'll let you know the next steps.

What else can I do to help?

We always need volunteers to help with our charitable activities, like serving in the St Laurence Shop. 
To find out more contact any of the people set out below.

Friends of St Laurence

George Hooper - Friends Coordinator

[email protected]

St Laurence Shop

Paul Cresswell - 

[email protected]