Welcome to our Glass Bible!


We would like to offer you a quick tour of the Bible. Using our outstanding collection of stained glass, we have put together a combination of words and pictures to take you through the some of the characters and stories of the Bible. Why not start with Adam and Eve and then use the Next Topic button on each page to continue on through the tour? The images on each page are thumbnails: click on them to see an enlarged version.   



Adam and Eve        Cain and Abel

Abraham        Joseph        Samson        David        Jonah        Tobit   

The Four Evangelists

Birth and Childhood of Christ

Baptism of Christ

Marriage at Cana of Galilee

Sermon on the Mount

 Parables: the Prodigal Son        the Good Samaritan        the Talents        

Christ in the House of Simon

Christ and the Woman of Samaria 

 Mount of Olives        Crucifixion        Resurrection        Ascension

Peter and Paul



If you wish to reproduce the pictures please contact David Critchley