A detailed plan of St James Churchyard was drawn up in 1988 and it identifies and locates headstones which at that time could be found and identified. Some additions were then made for the following few years but recent interments are not included. The churchyard is nominally divided into sections A, B, C, D and E working clockwise from the lychgate entrance on the High Street. The plan and indexes to each section are available below :

Plan of St James churchyard

Section A index    Section B index     Section C index     Section D index     Section E index


Our local Family History Society is the Buckinghamshire FHS. It encourages the study of family history in Buckinghamshire, catering both for those with Bucks ancestry (wherever they may be living) and for those living locally whose ancestors may have lived elsewhere. Much information is available online (some chargeable) and the link to their pages relating specifically to the parish of St James, Great Horwood is here

GenUKI is a reference library of genealogical information relevant to the UK and Ireland. It includes a page on Great Horwood with extensive historical, census and photographic details.