If you are considering asking the Rector to baptise yourself or a member of your family, there are a few key points you should consider:     


1. Please get in touch with the Rector, before doing anything else!

2. Please understand that the date for a baptism will often need to be planned for several months in the future because of the number of baptism requests.

3. Normally, a baptism takes place within the church of the parish in which you live and if you live in Winslow, Great Horwood or Addington the answer is an unconditional "Yes". If you live elsewhere we will need to discuss your individual situation.

4. We like to get to know you a little before the baptism and will encourage you to come and join in appropriate services for a short while before organizing the baptism if you do not normally attend the church. There is usually at least one preparation session to assist you with understanding what is involved, what the symbols that are used represent and what the meaning of the responses that you will give mean to you.

5. No more than two baptisms will occur at the same service (unless from the same family).


You may also want to read about Church of England baptism on the Oxford Diocese's website by clicking here.